Manpower outsourcing (White Collar)

Lions Work Force is one of the best human resource consulting agencies in India. With an expansive array of outsourcing services for the white-collared category we also offer permanent recruitment services in this category. Our services encompass job profiles ranging from entry-level positions to C-suite-level positions across a multitude of industries. We have been providing white-collar outsourcing services to our clients for many years. Bank clerks, hospital staff, etc. these types of jobs in the white collar industry. Lions Work Force provides staffing services to the white collar for hardware and software support across all locations in India. We aim to deliver the best resources within the time frame given by you at pricing that suits your requirement. We value a long-term commitment to our clients, thus we are willing to work with you to develop a friendly, healthy, and long-lasting connection. We manage and engage your entire staff as a team, and we are eager to learn about what your firm does. We are extremely concerned with finding the ideal people to fill your job vacancies. We also recognize the worth of your dedication, valuable time, and budget. To prevent delays in performing assigned responsibilities, we offer backup support and technically competent people at the best prices. We would adore the opportunity to collaborate with you as a dependable partner to offer strategic white-collar services to grow your company.

They are highly adaptable and in tune with the demands of rapid deployment :

  • Rapid manpower mobilization
  • Project Management
  • An efficient and timely approach to proper planning for the reduction of manpower expense
  • Availability of replacement to guarantee productivity
  • Specially appointed coordinator and manager for reliability/support

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