Qualities of a good HR

Here are some special keys, how to be a good HR-

  • Good communication skills
  • HR professional need to be organized
  • Capable to solve problems
  • HR professionals need to be empathetic and approachable so they can understand and relate to employee concerns.
  • Capable to multitasking
  • Able to manage time and be self-disciplined
  • HR professionals need to have leadership qualities so they can take the lead when needed.
  • Need to be trustworthy
  •  Need to have strong ethics 
  • Need to have strong conflict management skills

Responsibilities of a good HR-

In the complicated of any machinery of any organization, the HR department serves as both the lubricant and backbone. One of the key of HR is to attract the right candidates of the organizations. It’s dynamic hub where people, policies and practices complex to foster  a conductive work environment and drive organizational success. But what exactly are the roles and responsibilities of HR and why are they important?

  1. Talent Acquisition & Recruitment.
  2. Employee Onboarding & Orientation
  3. Training & Development
  4. Performance Management
  5. Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution
  6. Compensation & Benefits Administration
  7. Compliance and Legal Obligations
  8. Organizational Development & Change Management
  9. Workplace health And Safety
  10. Strategic Planning & Alignment


Overall a good HR have many skills. If you want a good HR, you can collect these skills and would be a good HR. Self-motivated with the ability to excel in a fast-paced environment; communicate effectively at all levels; manage competing priorities, and adapt readily to new challenges. Enjoy working in a multicultural and vibrant team, and look forward to making a difference in a global HR team. Join with best HR consultancy company today.